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Bale Foreman Bale Unroller

Our Bale Foreman is a top of the line bale unroller that is designed and engineered to hold up to 2500lbs. This product is built to last, with Weston Manufacturing’s quality guarantee. This attachment is built with an extra swing up capability, allowing for the bale to be higher from the ground, better weight distribution on the tractor, and this option also makes it possible for you to put bales directly into feeders! These attachments are finished with a sandblasted and powder coat finish. The Bale Foreman can be shipped anywhere in Canada or the United States. Call for a price today!

Customer Reviews

“Super easy to unfold, attach/hookup, wonderful for in rolling, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the added ability to lift! Also very thankful it came with pins for the 3 pts., was exactly as you had said – just plug in and go. I have a feeling it’s already on our ‘best thing we ever bought and why didn’t we get it sooner’ list. Perhaps most of all, thank you ever so much for the prompt shipment, and all your customer service. You truly made the whole purchase from inquiry to delivery so very pleasant and easy!”  – November 10, 2020

“We’ve used the unroller multiple times and it’s functioning as expected. I would buy it again if I had to.” – February 10, 2022

“Delivery and purchasing was worry free and quick. The roller may be a bit more money than other rollers but does not take long to appreciate the higher quality of it. No more cows crowding around the front of the tractor when feeding.” – February 10, 2022